What are the Best Windows for Your Home’s Style?

Not all homes are created equal, but the good news is that there are many window styles available to complement the look and feel of your property. Certain window styles (modern windows and traditional) are more common in houses depending on the aesthetics and functionality of the home. With that said, let’s explore the most popular window options for your home’s appearance.

What are the Best Windows for Your Home's Style?

Victorian homes

Victorian homes are larger than most other home styles and usually feature porticos, turrets, and Rome-like angles and scrollwork in their design. These homes give off a strong feeling of luxury and omnipotence. They are best fitted with large sliding windows or custom windows that can be specially designed to fit the shape, size, color, and hardware style of your home.

Cape Cod homes

Cape Cod homes are very traditional with their roots in America dating back to the late 17th century. These homes are usually one-story wood-framed buildings with steep chimneys and shingle exteriors. Cape Cod homes often feature two windows on each side of the house with a large window centered in the middle of both windows. Double-hung windows are the most popular option for Cape Cod homes due to their size and architectural appearance.

Colonial-style homes

Colonial-style homes are very popular in grassy suburban areas outside of major metropolitan areas. They are often constructed as rectangular two-story homes built with wood and stone and oftentimes a central fireplace. These homes are usually large and require adequate ventilation, therefore, they are often built with single-hung windows or double-hung windows.

French country-style homes

French country-style homes are rustic homes that feature many elegant design characteristics such as antique pieces, wooden floors, cotton rugs, distressed ceiling beams, and ornate light fixtures. These homes give a strong feeling of luxury and affluence. Hinged casement or awning windows are common for these types of homes because of their ability to increase ventilation and maximize sunlight.

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