Deciding Where to Place Windows in a Bedroom

The International Building Code calls for one or more windows in every bedroom. When building a new house or addition, you might wonder where you should place windows in a bedroom. Be sure to take several factors into account:

Deciding Where to Place Windows in a Bedroom


If you want the sun’s rays to enter your sleeping quarters in the morning, install the glass in an east-facing wall. Someone who usually stays up late or works overnight might benefit from putting it elsewhere.


An opening on a north-facing wall minimizes excessively bright or hot sunlight, making it an appealing choice during the summer. If you want the sun to heat up your room in the winter, consider installing south-facing glass.

Windows help cool down bedrooms on a summer night. When you decide where to put them, think about their height and proximity to electrical outlets. Try to design the room so that you can safely use a window fan or air conditioner.


West-facing glass often receives particularly bright sunlight in the late afternoon. Avoid it if you plan to put a mirror, TV set or computer screen on the eastern side of the bedroom.


Position the window so that a person can easily escape in an emergency. Try not to install it where indoor or outdoor obstructions would inhibit access. If possible, place it near a fire escape, deck or flat roof.


A window alongside the bed might be fine if the glass faces a forest, but it’s less desirable when there’s a busy sidewalk or highway outside. Keep in mind that it’s vital to minimize exposure to outdoor noise in sleeping quarters.

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