4 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Entry Door

The entry door is one of the first things you set your eyes on when you get home, and so is the case for your guests. Like they say, first impressions count. A welcoming entry door makes your guests feel at home and ease. It will also set a high tone for your residence. However, a door that seems to require repair or replacement can speak volumes about you in a negative manner. So how can you be confident that you need to replace your entry door?

4 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Entry Door

Presence of moisture, mold, and mildew

The presence of mildew and mold on your door, tells that the door has seen better days. Most people don’t believe this could happen, but it does. Moisture develops mainly indoors that have a double-paned glass. Eventually, this brings about the development of mold and mildew. That is an indicator that your door needs a replacement.

Use of extra energy

Do you seem to exert a little more power when opening the door? That is a sure sign that your entry door needs to be replaced. Some reasons that may lead to this point. Probably the hinges are coming out, or the door could be affected by the weather, making it expand or contract. The shifting of the alignment of the door may cause airflow through the door.


The presence of cracks is an indicator that the structure of the door is weak. Cracks and warps can be as a result of harsh weather and age. Cracked doors may see the entry of bugs to the house. Nonetheless, a damaged entry door is a grace safety mishap that requires replacement.

Rotting wood

Most historic doors are made of wood. Wood is vulnerable to be affected by weather, bugs, and ants. These factors bring about wear and tear to the wooden entry door. Rotting takes place gradually. You can feel the door to detect any softwoods. The softness of the woods indicates rotting. That is not just a call for replacement but a call for safety.

Changing your entry door is a step to enhancing the look of your home. Please visit our website or contact us for information.

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