How to Protect Your Home Windows

Millions of Americans need to replace their home window panes, sashes or frames every year. The causes of damage range from burglaries to falling tree branches. Follow these tips to protect your home windows as much as possible:

How to Protect Your Home Windows

1. Remove any tall objects from windowsills. Otherwise, you could crack the glass by knocking over an ornament, vase or candle holder. This is particularly important if you have a cat.

2. Try to defend both sides of each pane from harm. Hang curtains or blinds inside of your home, and replace any missing screens to shield the exterior.

3. Discourage youngsters from playing near the windows. A snowball fight could easily result in broken glass. Try to position any basketball hoops or other sporting equipment as far away from your house as possible.

4. Consider buying a home security alarm. If you install a system, use signs or stickers to warn thieves of its presence. This will discourage them from breaking windows to enter your house.

5. If you notice flaking or peeling paint on wooden frames, remove it and apply a new coat. This helps prevent the frames from rotting or falling victim to wood-boring pests.

6. Think about installing rain gutters on your house. They can prevent water from causing frames to rot. This equipment also protects the siding, foundation, doors and other vital components. Don’t forget to clean existing gutters regularly.

7. Trim any trees with branches near your home. A limb might shatter glass as it falls. Remember that branches need enough space to move around in windy conditions. Otherwise, they could damage your windows or screens.

These tips may help you avoid repairs and save hundreds of dollars in the years ahead. Still, every window eventually needs replacement. Please contact us to learn more about our sturdy, modern home window products.

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