What Should Be on Your Checklist When You’re Shopping for New Windows?

Window technology is radically changing. As homeowners and businesses look for environmentally friendly windows that save them energy and styles change toward wide, tall windows, there is a window out there for everyone with the right combination of features, style elements, and improvements. If your home is ready for new windows, here are some of the newest and best features to look for.

What Should Be on Your Checklist When You're Shopping for New Windows?

  • Thermally broken steel frames. These contemporary frames are not only nearly invisible so you can span any room of your house with windows, they are manufactured to prevent heat energy transfer between the inside and outside of your home to bring down your energy bill.
  • Energy Star ratings. Energy Star is the defacto name for energy efficiency testing. Finding windows that match the organization’s stringent requirements means having windows that are verified by the National Fenestration Rating Council and the Environmental¬†Protection Agency. Whether your preferred windows are insulated or have multiple panes, look for ones that guarantee¬†you savings.
  • High-quality frames. While thermally broken steel is a critical first step in having secure, energy-efficient windows, you want to make sure your installation experts can firmly install the windows with no gaps between the frames and the house. Look for low-maintenance frames that are waterproof, resistant to abrasion and damage, and can withstand your climate.

Getting the right windows can pull the whole look of your home together, and getting the right window frames can save you money by lowering your energy bill and reducing the risk of water damage. Go to Metro Steel Windows & Doors to find the style and materials that meet your requirements.

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