How to Select the Right Door for Your Home

It’s time for a new door, and that’s a decision that will last for years or even decades. Whether you know the end of your doors lifespan is on its way or you need a new door immediately, having a checklist of questions and factors is the best way to make up your mind about the new addition to your house. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

How to Select the Right Door for Your Home

What do the other fixtures in your home look like?

If you have a minimalist architectural design with steel windows and crisp design, any style of steel door will fit well in your home. But if your house has a more historic feel, with wooden window frames, an old brick facing, or southwestern style fixtures, look for a steel door that matches the pattern and color palette of your home.

These same ideas extend to the hardware you choose. Whether you want nearly invisible hinges and hardware or you want stylized elements, have a picture of your home on hand so you can match the colors of your exterior hardware.

How big is your doorway?

Entry doors are usually eighty by thirty-six inches. But different homes have differently sized entryways. If you have a particularly wide entryway with two doors or you are considering accent panels to have a narrower central door, anything is possible. But know the dimensions before you start browsing styles and patterns can help you choose a configuration that fits your home perfectly.

Choosing the next door for your home is a big decision. It will last for at least the next ten years and is one of the first things visitors will see. To get started browsing, go to Metro Steel Windows & Doors to see our selection of products and services.

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