Window and Door Architecture — What is Contemporary Design?

The contemporary design style is a close cousin of the minimalist style. The final aesthetic is very clean, uncluttered and sleek.

At Metro Steel Windows & Doors, our mission is to provide the highest quality options for sleek interior and exterior styles. Today, we’ll explore contemporary styles ideal for homes, rentals and commercial real estate applications.

Let’s start with a good definition.

Window and Door Architecture — What is Contemporary Design?

Defining Contemporary Design

The word “contemporary” means “of now” or “of this moment in history.” While it dates back to the 1970s, contemporary style borrows elements from other aesthetics. You can see nods to modern, traditional and even futuristic design.

But it’s constantly evolving, unlike other styles that seem set in stone, what’s “of the moment” changes from one decade to the next.

In 2021 and 2022, the contemporary look is defined by slightly curved lines, mellow colors and minimalist decor. 

How to Incorporate Contemporary Window and Door Designs

In this case, function and form must take equal priority.

Form is a foundational element of contemporary design. We’re talking about shape. The overall shape of contemporary windows and doors can manifest as traditional squares and rectangles. The flow isn’t too rigid, but it doesn’t feel wildly organic either.

From the exterior, you can carry that flow through the rest of the home with eye-catching architectural elements like a shapely fireplace, pony wall or room divider. Take contemporary style a step further with gently curved lines on furniture, decor and lighting.

Get Outstanding Window & Door Designs by Metro Steel

At Metro Steel Windows & Doors, we understand the powerful effect the perfect door or set of windows will have on your home. We can see your contemporary design vision, and we offer a custom solution with our attractive and durable steel options. With ultra-low profiles, our windows and doors are the premier choice for architects and builders looking to create a sleek, contemporary environment.

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