Signs That it May be Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows

While you likely look out your home’s windows every day, you are not alone if you do not give much thought to the condition that your windows are in. However, if you have lived in your home for many years and you cannot remember how old your windows are, or your windows are starting to look old, then it may be time to consider having them replaced. Yet, how will you know for sure when it is time to replace your windows? To help you determine if new windows may be in order, here are a few of the signs that it may be time to replace your home’s windows.

Signs That it May be Time to Replace Your Home's Windows

You Feel a Draft

Have you noticed that you feel a draft when you are by your windows even when they are closed? If this is the case and your windows are not new, then it is likely that they are aging and no longer seal properly, which is letting the outside in. This can cost you greatly on your utility bills, as your HVAC system will have to work much harder to heat and cool your home. If your windows no longer seem to keep the weather out, it may be time to have them replaced.

They Let in Noise

When standing next to your windows, you should also pay attention to how much outside noise you can hear. Do your windows do a good job of blocking out the outside world? Or does it seem like you can hear your neighbors talking as clearly as if they were inside your house? If your windows let a lot of outside noise in, then it is likely that they are outdated single-pane windows with little insulation, and you will want to consider having them replaced. New double or triple-pane windows will not only help to cut down on noise infiltration, but they will also add extra insulation to your home.

Your Windows are Hard to Open

You should also consider replacing your windows if you are finding that they have gotten hard, or nearly impossible, to open. Not only is this a sign that your windows have reached the end of their usable life, but this is actually a safety hazard, as it may be difficult to escape your home in the event of a fire if your windows are hard to operate. If you find that it is a struggle to open your windows, you will need to have them replaced.

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