Modern Steel Windows: How Will They Stand Up Over Time?

While you will see them in a lot of new construction that uses the more modern architectural styles, steel windows are not some kind of new innovation or design. In fact, if you look at many historic buildings, you will see that same steel frame on those historic windows. The thing is, that historic steel window frame will not look great with age, though many have already been replaced.

Modern Steel Windows: How Will They Stand Up Over Time?

This has led many to wonder if their currently beautiful modern steel windows will look like those rusty, crusty historic steel windows in a few decades. However, steel frames may not be new, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t adopted some innovations that will help them withstand the tests of time a little better.

What Makes The Difference Between Historic Steel Windows and Modern Steel Windows?

The biggest difference between a historic steel window and a modern steel window is the coating. To prevent any corrosion, modern steel windows are coated with zinc. This actually offers protection in two ways. The first is that it acts as a barrier, but if the frame coating is scratched or damaged, the zinc acts as a sacrificial anode to continue to protect the steel.

You will need to inspect modern steel windows periodically after installation to check for damage as well as loose seals after installation. However, even while being largely ignored, they will still last some time without a lot of corrosion. The methods of coating these windows will help them withstand the test of time better than their older peers, though nothing is impervious.

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