Prepare Your Windows for Energy Savings During the Cold Season

When the cold season sets in, everyone gets busy to ensure that they winterize their homes. They check the furnace, insulate plumbing pipes, and replace light sheers with heavy drapes. Very few people remember the windows and the role that they play in energy consumption during the winter. Windows can be sources of heat loss, especially if they have damaged frames and seals. That’s why you need to take the following measures to ensure that your home’s windows are ready for the cold season.

Prepare Your Windows for Energy Savings During the Cold Season

Switch to double glazed glass

Do you have single pane windows in your home? If so, they could contribute to energy losses during the winter. Single pane glass does not have an insulating film; therefore, it loses the warm air in your home to the atmosphere. Switching to double pane glass can go a long way in increasing energy savings in the home. The double glazing acts as an insulator that prevents warm air from escaping into the atmosphere. Additionally, double glazed windows are stronger and will last longer than the single pane ones.

Inspect the frames

Damaged window frames can be a source of heat loss in your house. Frames that are made from timber, are susceptible to warping, especially when exposed to moisture.  This not only increases energy loss, but it can also weaken the frame and leave your home vulnerable to burglars. Check the frame’s sides and the sills for any signs of damage or deterioration. If the frame is extensively damaged, replace it with our durable vinyl frames that are designed to last for decades while reducing energy costs in your home.

Reapply the caulk

The caulk used to seal windows tends to crack over time and come apart from the glass. When this happens, warm air from the home escapes through the small holes left by the caulk. Inspect the caulk to check whether it is cracked. Reapply fresh one to reseal the windows and prevent heat loss. Our experts can help you find quality caulk that will not come off a few months after application.

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