How Do Double-Pane Windows Conserve Energy?

Most people understand that double-pane windows help reduce heating and cooling costs. However, the ways they achieve this goal aren’t as widely known. A second layer of glass also offers a few other important benefits that everyone should discover before making any window-buying decisions.

How Do Double-Pane Windows Conserve Energy?


Unlike single-pane units, these windows have a space between the two layers. Many manufacturers replace the air in this void with a clear high-density gas that helps insulate the glass and conserve energy. The majority use argon, a non-toxic natural substance found in the atmosphere. It doesn’t have any odor.


Even if a window sash doesn’t contain krypton or argon, dual panes improve a building’s efficiency. It’s more difficult for frigid air or summer heat to pass through two layers of glass than just one. Likewise, an air conditioner’s cool air or the warmth from a heating system doesn’t escape as soon.


If a pane becomes cracked or the seal at the edge of the glass eventually fails, it will have a comparatively small impact on energy consumption. Your home will probably still have the protection of one fully intact sheet of glass. Still, it’s best to repair any damage to maximize efficiency and durability.


New windows don’t only save energy by having double panes. They also tend to close more tightly than old sashes. Fully intact frames and sashes prevent drafts as well. Modern double-paned units keep noise to a minimum, enhance security and make it harder for pests to gain entry. All of these benefits contribute to an increase in home resale value.

If you’d like to upgrade your house or office with attractive, energy-efficient windows, our well-qualified installers can assist you. We offer sturdy, long-lasting products that will help keep your home’s interior as comfortable as possible. Please contact our friendly staff to get started.

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