3 Ways to Design Your Steel Doors If You’re Security-Conscious

Steel doors with narrow profiles are beautiful. The nearly seamlessly glass gives you an uninterrupted look into the outdoors. But if you’re worried about people suing that two-way view to scope out your home, your doors can be designed to protect you against break-ins. Here’s how:

3 Ways to Design Your Steel Doors If You're Security-Conscious

Secure the locks against three seams.

Most thieves still use blunt force to try and force their way inside a house. But they’ll be leery of breaking glass because of the sound and because of any potential sensors. To stop them from trying to break off the lock, your lock can be welded against both the door frame and the two metal seams of the horizontal profiles. Those three connection points deter attempted break-ins.

Line the doors and windows with sensors from your security company.

Sensors are also great security. They offer preventative protection, especially if your security company posts a decal or sign to let would-be criminals know you have wireless security. The sensors can also trip a loud enough alarm to scare criminals off. Even after that, they alert you and your security company so you know to stay back and they know to call the police.

Put your doors in the corner of two windowed walls.

If you’re lining two adjacent walls of an exterior room with windows, the most secure place for the patio door is in the corner. Steel door and window installation experts know the most secure place to put your door whether you’re worried about the elements or potential trespassers. Putting it in the corner reinforces the joints so the door frame is doubly secured.

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