Making Historic Home Windows More Energy Efficient

Historic properties come with many aesthetic benefits alongside history you can actually touch. However, historic homes are, in their most basic form, just very old houses. Like any aged house, they come with their fair share of problems. One of the most common problems in a historic house lie with the windows. If your historic home still has original windows, you may have a significant desire to keep them, but chances are good that you are having problems.

Making Historic Home Windows More Energy Efficient

Drafts are a common problem with old windows. They have started to pull away from the home or perhaps do not even close properly. This means when that cold winter wind blows, you feel it from the window as well. If you are having drafts, it means that energy used to heat or cool your home is literally going out the window as well.

Another consideration is the energy efficiency of your windows. In historic homes, those original windows have more problems than just drafts. The older the window, the more likely it is that it will not do a good job at retaining energy. Modern windows have come a long way in features that keep the temperature inside your home where it belongs — inside.

What you can do to capture the same look of those original windows on your historic home and get all the benefits of modern windows is to consider steel windows. These often capture the same design as historic windows with the major benefit of being new windows. It doesn’t distract from the architecture style, and having original windows on a historic home won’t matter if they barely function as windows on the home.

If you have a historic property and are sick of feeling the breeze through your closed windows, contact us today to see what styles of steel windows we can offer you to help match the aesthetic of your property.

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