Eight Benefits of Replacing Old Windows in Your House

Many residential windows last 15 to 45 years. If you’ve started to think about replacing them, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of this major project. Remember to take these benefits into account when replacing old windows:

Eight Benefits of Replacing Old Windows in Your House

1. A replacement window often works better. It opens, closes, locks and unlocks more smoothly than an old unit. Likewise, you won’t have to prop it open with a separate object.

2. Modern windows enhance safety in various ways. Broken locks and missing panes invite opportunistic criminals. Old “guillotine” sashes may fall shut with little warning.

3. New frames, sashes and glass look better. You can banish cracked panes and decaying paint. This will give your home a more up-to-date appearance while raising its resale value.

4. Most new units seal tightly, have more than one layer of glass and provide superior insulation. Some people cut yearly energy costs by several hundred dollars when they purchase replacements.

5. This home improvement project boosts indoor comfort. You’ll feel fewer drafts and hear less street noise. New insect screens may help you keep pests outdoors as well.

6. Today’s glass is more likely to shield your home from UV rays. This element of sunlight may cause furniture and some building materials to decay or fade prematurely.

7. Many modern windows demand less maintenance than their older counterparts. For example, some materials don’t require painting. You can also order units that never rot or rust.

8. The smooth surfaces of new frames and sashes make them easy to clean. Some units tilt inward; you can wash both sides of the glass without venturing outdoors.

The bottom line is that this project will save time and money while improving your quality of life. If you’d like to benefit from well-made windows at a competitive price, please contact us today.

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