How to Use Modern Architecture to Make Your Home Green

Environmental consciousness is one of the biggest trends transforming architectural styles, and it’s found its form through modern minimalism. Many people are turning to glass and metal instead of ornate wooden fixtures, and even if they want wood recycled and historical pieces are refinished for new use. And homes are being renovated to fit their climate and orientation to take advantage of natural changes in temperature. You can join the trend with thermally broken steel windows.¬†How to Use Modern Architecture to Make Your Home Green

How to Use Modern Architecture to Make Your Home Green

How do steel windows fit into environmental design?

Wide open windows allow homeowners to enjoy natural sunlight and gentle lighting throughout the day. Not only do thermally broken steel windows have narrow profiles so you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the outside, they are a smooth, simple backdrop to any solar shields or tinting you add as window fixtures. This means you spend less energy lighting your home.

Thermally broken steel windows provide this sunlight without making your home uncomfortably warm. The steel has been treated to act as a heat-resistant barrier so all of the heat accompanying the sunlight won’t make the temperature in your home rise. That same technology prevents cold air from seeping through the steel profiles, and it also acts in reverse: the same principles keep your warm air inside your home as you enjoy a winter sunrise.

Windows are a potential energy sink because of their relatively low insulation. But with thermally broken steel, even the widest windows can help keep your home environmentally-friendly and green. Go to Metro Steel Windows & Doors to learn more about the fixtures that best fit your home.

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