3 Things You Must Consider Before Renovating A Historical Building

Historical buildings, from a beautiful home built in the 1800’s to an inviting storefront built in the 1920’s, have a lot of character and can bring immense satisfaction upon renovation. If you’re interested in renovating a historical property, there are several factors to consider before taking the plunge. Here at Metro Steel Windows & Doors, we have many options for steel windows and doors to fit any design era.

3 Things You Must Consider Before Renovating A Historical Building

Do Your Homework

Before you start any work on your historical building, it’s important to do thorough research. Is your building in a protected historical area or neighborhood? Does your city or town have building codes related to historical rehab? If your building is not up to the current code, you will need to do repairs.  Depending on the age of your building, and how long it’s been since the last renovations were made, these repairs may be extensive. It’s important to hire experts when rehabbing a historical building. That’s why you should call Metro Steel Windows & Doors if your building is located in the Houston, Austin, or Dallas metropolitan areas.

Window & Door Insulation

Almost any old building that you come across will have poorly insulated windows and doors. Time, weather, and temperature changes can cause swelling and cracks in wooden doors and windows. Poor insulation leads to drafts, heat/cool air loss, and the potential for water damage. Steel windows and doors eliminate these problems while providing the right look for your home. Purchasing steel windows and doors for your historic building from Metro Steel Windows & Doors will save you money in the long run through energy bill savings and the prevention of further renovations.

Aesthetic Requirements

If your building is in a historically protected area, there are often requirements for how the front of your building should look in order to preserve the appearance of the area. Factors like color and design style will need to match the other buildings in the neighborhood. Thankfully, Metro Steel has a door and window style for any period. If you’re renovating a  historical building, contact us.

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