Steel Doors Make Narrow Profiles Possible

When you think of a secure door, what images come to mind? A heavy wooden door, banded in iron like something out of a fantasy novel? Or do you think of a fire door, or a bank vault? Probably the latter, because at the end of the day steel is stronger than wood. However, what most people don’t think about is that because of that strength, steel is also more flexible than wood… in an aesthetic sense, that is.Steel Doors Make Narrow Profiles Possible

Narrow Profiles, Unforgettable Design

When you install a wooden door, how big does it tend to be? Even if it’s filled with beautiful glass panes, or it has a decorative motif that really catches the eye, chances are that the door is at least a few inches thick when you open it. But what if you could cut that number in half? Into a quarter? What if the door itself was no thicker than a pane of glass, but that reduction in size didn’t actually reduce any of its strength?

That’s what you get when you invest in a steel door. Something that can feel nearly weightless, but has all the strength of a solid-core wooden door. Something with a thin, elegant profile that can seem barely there, but which will stand up to the same use as any other material just as well, if not better.

Whether you prefer the simplistic, streamlined look that these doors offer, or you want a door whose profile simply cannot be mimicked by any other material on the market today, then steel is the option you’ve been looking for!

For more information about steel doors, and about all the options you have when it comes to their looks, their profiles, their security, and their decorative properties, all you have to do is contact us today!

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