How to Maintain Your Steel Windows

The beauty of steel windows isn’t just that they can be crafted to match any building you need them for, whether it’s a modern home or a historic renovation. Steel windows also need very little care and maintenance once they’re installed, and that can help cut down on your annual to-do list. If you’re considering installing steel windows and doors then you’ll want to know how much of a time investment they will be as well as how to maintain them.

How to Maintain Your Steel Windows

How do you keep steel windows clean?

Depending on the finish you choose and the air quality around your property, they only need to be washed every six or twelve months, and that is mostly for cosmetic purposes. The finish on our steel windows protects the surface from corrosion and most chemical damage, and occasionally washing off any built-on grime or salt is all they need.

What should you look for when inspecting the windows?

Setting time aside each year to inspect your windows is a must no matter what type of windows you have. Checking the frames for small gaps and separation from the house is a great early warning for drafts and foundation damage. It also lets you inspect the finish for small chips if the building has a lot of foot traffic, such as a museum or historic preservation site.

Steel windows offer the best in long-term utility and a beautiful appearance. You can keep them just as they were on the first day with an annual inspection and an occasional rinse. Go to Metro Steel Windows & Doors to browse our selection.

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