Minimalistic Dressing For New Modern Windows

Light is crucial to a minimalistic design. If you are looking to craft a simple, yet beautiful home, large paned windows can be one of the biggest showpieces in a room. However, installing modern and minimalistic windows in your home can be completely unraveled with the wrong dressings.

Minimalistic Dressing For New Modern Windows

When designing a minimalistic home, many homeowners choose to just go no dressing on their windows at all. This keeps the sleek, simple, and uncluttered design. However, window dressings in many rooms are not just for aesthetics, they serve a purpose. You may want to have them to preserve your privacy.

While plain white or cream curtains can compliment a minimalistic home, they are the herald of traditional design. Instead, you may want to consider:

  • Blinds – While a classic choice, blinds are simple and now come in a variety of styles that can pair with any minimalistic home. They don’t provide too much to the aesthetic, but are excellent for privacy and can easily be rolled up to let the light in.
  • Shutters – This is a very stylish alternative to curtains and can really add to the aesthetic of your home. However, you will want to choose a simple and clean design that matches the rest of your design.
  • Window Film – If curtains, blinds, or shutters just don’t fit into your aesthetic, privacy can be created by adding window film to your windows. This blocks minimal light while obscuring the interior view of your home. You typically find this in bathrooms since it also obscures your ability to see outside as well.

The good news is that no matter which choice best fits your minimalistic style, these days you can almost certainly find what you are looking for on the shelf. However, the proper window dressings all start with choosing the best modern windows for your home. If you are designing a minimalistic home and want to see options for contemporary windows and doors, contact us today.

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