Are Steel Doors Energy Efficient?

When you are choosing new entry doors for your home, you may immediately be attracted to the aesthetic of a steel door. However, so many prospective steel door owners often put themselves off by thinking that steel can’t possibly be more energy efficient compared to wood or fiberglass front doors. Yet, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Are Steel Doors Energy Efficient?

Steel entryway doors are exceptionally energy efficient. If they weren’t, they would not have become such a popular choice on modern homes. In many cases, the energy efficiency of a steel door actually outclasses insulated fiberglass and wood entry doors. The reason why steel works so well to prevent home temperature loss is because they are made with a thermal break.

It is true that a solid slab of steel would not insulate your home very well, but steel doors aren’t solid slabs. They are actually two pieces of steel with an area known as a thermal break on the interior. This break area helps prevent temperature loss because it is not transferring outside as quickly. You also get extra energy efficiency from the weather stripping. Steel doors often use light magnetic weather stripping that provides a superior seal to other weather stripping methods. It means drafts and heat loss are much less likely even around the edges of your steel door and your weather stripping isn’t going to wear out nearly as quickly.

Furthermore, the thermal break actually helps the steel doors stifle more noise as well. This means less noise from the street in your home, at least from the front door. There are a myriad of different benefits to choosing a steel entry door aside from just pure aesthetics. If you are in the market for a new entry door and believe steel is right for you, contact us today to see what Metro Steel Windows & Doors can do to help.

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