Windows for Historical Buildings: Repair Versus Replacement

If you own a historical home or building, there is a lot you want to preserve about it. The construction quality and design in a lot of historical homes just aren’t something you will find in most modern architecture. As such, if there is ever a need to replace something, such as windows for historical buildings, you will find a lot of arguments on why you should be repairing it instead. While window designs on some historical buildings are unique, usually you will want to consider window replacement on a historical rather than repair.

Windows for Historical Buildings: Repair Versus Replacement

It is true that window repair on a historical home has the benefit of keeping the original windows that were specifically designed for that structure, window technology has come a long way even in the last few decades. These days you can find a number of window designs to fit historical homes and even get replicas crafted that fit modern standards.

While many choose to repair historical windows on a home to preserve the historical nature of a building, they are missing out on modern innovations. One of the biggest arguments to choose replacement windows during a historical renovation is energy efficiency. The older the windows are, the less energy efficient they are. This means your home is hemorrhaging heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. While repair may fix draft issues, you will still lose temperature through the glass itself.

Replacement is typically the way to go as it can be so much more flexible and you get the benefit of having modern windows that still have that old look. If you are renovating an older home and want to keep the historical windows or doors intact in design only, contact us today to see what Metro Steel Windows & Doors can do to help you.

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