How to Weather-Proof Your House with New Windows

Winter will soon be bringing freezing temperatures across the country. Some of the most vulnerable parts of your house to that cold air are your windows. Drafts can creep in through unsealed edges. Even the temperature can transfer to your home’s warm air through the glass and casing. If you’re in the market for new windows, make sure every square inch is protected against winter weather. Look for these three features to keep your home warm:

How to Weather-Proof Your House with New Windows

1. Double Pane Glass

Drafty windows aren’t the only way the cold can get inside your home. The warmth from your home’s air can dissipate straight through single-pane glass and be whisked away by the wind. Instead of losing warmth and money on your energy bill every month, look for windows with double-pane glass. The warmth can’t leak out of your house as easily when there’s a protective gap between the glass, and most gaps are filled with an insulated gas that protects your home even more.

2. Thermal breaks in the metal frames

Just like the cold wind can suck the warmth out of your home through glass, it can do the same thing through the metal edges and supports. But thermal breaks in the steel add additional layers of protection. Every part of your window should be providing optimal insulation, especially if you have bigger windows.

3. Galvanized steel

Even though it doesn’t rain or snow very often in Texas, the infrequent winter storms can overpower older windows and frames. One of the main problems that windows develop over time is corrosion in the frames and welded corners. Look for window frames that are protected. This can include steel that’s been galvanized to withstand moisture damage or frames with a protective coat of zinc.

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