4 Tips for Your Historical Renovation

Renovating your house is an exciting undertaking that can help restore the original beauty of your home while allowing you to be creative. When it comes to renovating it can be as simple as replacing your front door but here are several tips you can use to complete a historical renovation.

4 Tips for Your Historical Renovation

Tip #1: Do Your Research

Before you start the renovation you should understand which architectural details are important to the integrity of the home. Find out when your home was built and if it currently has any distinguishing features that are from the original floor plan and design. You can try to uncover old photos of your home or consult a historical rehab specialist and architectural historian from your area who can give you an idea of what your home looked like when it was built. Once you’ve done some research and know what it looked like in its glory days, you can work on developing a plan to bring its original features back to life.

Tip #2: Expand Your Budget and Timeline

Many people underestimate how much time a historical renovation can take. We suggest that you try to extend your budget and timelines so that if you are prepared in case you come across some surprises during the demolition and remodeling process.

Tip #3: Hire Experienced Contractors

Once you understand exactly what you’d like to restore and renovate, you can get quotes from professional contractors. Search for contractors that have experience doing historical renovations.

Tip #4: Register Your Home

After the construction is done you may want to see if you can register your home as a historic landmark. The government usually has very stringent requirements for homes before they are approved, but it can be worthwhile to have your restoration efforts be recognized by the state.

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