Is Thermally Broken Steel a Good Investment for Your Rental Properties?

When you own rental properties, everything is about the bottom dollar. That doesn’t mean you’re the villain from It’s a Wonderful Life. You don’t want a Potterville made with bad framing and leaky windows. In fact, it often means high-quality purchases are the best tools for long-term profitability and good tenants. So whether you just sealed the deal on a new apartment complex or you need to replace the windows in one of your rental homes, consider thermally broken steel. Is Thermally Broken Steel a Good Investment for Your Rental Properties?

Is Thermally Broken Steel a Good Investment for Your Rental Properties?

What is thermally broken steel?

Insulation is one of the biggest problems in almost any building, and poor insulation is costly. But while you can insulation batts to the eaves of the attic and cover the exterior pipes, you don’t have a lot of ways to insulate windows after the fact.

That’s why modern steel windows have layers in the framing. Each layer has a small gap to prevent temperature controlled air from leaking out of the house. With the separated layers, there’s not as much conduction, and it’s harder for energy to go to waste. Just like how double-paned windows are an improvement over single-paned windows, thermally broken steel is better than traditional frames.

But where’s the money?

Contemporary windows are great, but the profit points need to be clear. Here’s how thermally broken steel windows can save your business money and even earn extra revenue:

  • Tenants stay longer. If you have old, leaky windows, it’s going to be hard to draw in family tenants. But families are likely to stay longer and do less damage to the property over time.
  • You draw in higher income tenants. New windows attract tenants with more money. Our windows also have narrow profiles and dozens of design options for a custom feel. That means you can raise the rents and quickly recoup your investment.
  • Save money on energy. Whether energy costs are included in the rent price or it’s a separate expense, lower energy bills are good for you and your clients. You save money on your empty units and your tenants have a higher rate of satisfaction.

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