Metro Steel Doors: Proper Care and Maintenance

Metro Steel Doors are durable and this is something the company takes great pride in. However, all good things need sufficient care for them to last long. Unless you have sufficient mechanical knowledge, installation will require you to hire a building professional or a licensed and competent construction contractor. Afterwards, you can take steps to care for your doors properly to prolong their lives and keep your investment in great condition. Below are some care and maintenance instructions for Metro Steel Doors.

Metro Steel Doors: Proper Care and Maintenance


Proper inspection is necessary to make sure small problems do not become bigger. Regularly check for:

  • Chips, imperfections, and scratches
  • Inspect for oxidation on all surfaces of the metal
  • Damages or cracks
  • Proper alignment on all doors
  • Ensure the hinges are working properly

If you notice any problem, plan to bring in a professional to evaluate the door and recommend repairs if needed.


You will need 1.5 cups of vinegar for 1 gallon of water or a tsp of baby shampoo for 1 gallon of water for preparation of a cleaning solution.

  • Use clean water to rinse the surface
  • Using mild soap and water and a soft brush which has uniform pressure or a
  • sponge, clean horizontally then vertically.
  • Rinse promptly with clean water. It is helpful to sponge while rinsing; never allow the cleaning solution to dry on the surface.
  • Use a lint-free dry cloth to wipe it dry.

Do not wash under extreme temperatures, both cold or hot, as this can cause the surface to peel off. If your door has sections made of glass, extreme temperatures could also cause cracking.

Do not use an aggressive cleaning solution on metal surfaces as it may cause the metal to rust.


At Metro Steel Doors, we want to help you care for your investment by improving and maintaining its value. Contact us  today for more tips on proper care and maintenance for your steel doors.

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