Three Safety Features That Come With Steel Doors

If you’ve started door shopping, you know there’s an infinite variety of options available: some wood, some fiberglass, some with windows, and some solid. But out of all of them, steel doors routinely have the strongest specs and highest promise for being a great replacement door with little to no maintenance for years to come. Three Safety Features That Come With Steel Doors

Three Safety Features That Come With Steel Doors

Why are modern steel doors the easiest door to have?

  • Steel doors don’t warp or sag in the heat. Texas summers can easily stretch into the 100s for several days in a row, and that can wear out even the strongest wood. One of the most common problems homeowners face when they have a wooden door, wooden door frames, or both, is swelling, which makes it harder and harder to close a door. It can even make the door seem out of alignment, only for you to fix it and then have it be unaligned once the temperature cools down. Steel doors can stand up to the heat with no maintenance or concerns.
  • Steel lasts longer than even other metals. Steel is more resistant to rust, corrosion, and cracking, especially because they are manufactured with top coats to add even more protection. Steel is also much more durable than aluminum and other metal doors, so you don’t have to worry about dents from hail storms or damage from high foot traffic.
  • Steel doors come in a variety of options. Whether you want a door with glass cut-outs, a door with an emphasis on fire-resistance and other security features, or a solid door that fits your home and neighborhood, the right steel door is out there and it’s available.

Doors come in all materials, shapes, and sizes. But if you want to replace your door with a strong, long-lasting option, steel doors give you the best variety and longevity. Learn more about our modern doors at Metro Steel Windows & Doors.

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