How Do Steel Doors with Narrow Profiles Stand Up to Other Materials?

Different door materials offer different strengths, but steel is the strongest of them all. If you want a door that promises easy maintenance above all else, it’s the right material for your door. If you value a smart-looking door with crisp lines, steel doors can offer you precisely that, too.

How Do Steel Doors with Narrow Profiles Stand Up to Other Materials?

What can steel doors do that others can’t?

  • Steel is strong enough to have narrow profiles. Because of thermally broken steel’s tensile strength and durability, doors need less of it to stand strong. While steel can be designed to add strong lines and style to any room or house, modern minimalism is an increasingly popular approach to architecture and home design. If you want to minimize the appearance of metal, only steel will do. Other materials like aluminum and fiberglass can’t do the same without much wider sight lines and supports.
  • You can more windows and glass panes. Any door’s primary attributes should be strength and durability, and because steel achieves this with minimal metal, this means more of the door can be beautiful, seamless glass. You can choose a door with tinted windows for a bit of color, have doors that fit perfectly next to windows for a clean, solid view, or any design you choose without restriction.
  • Steel doors require much less maintenance. Once you have it, steel isn’t going anywhere: the steel supports and pieces are protected with coats that prevent corrosion, and steel is naturally durable. Your door will remain straight and solid in the face of weather, potential wear and tear, and high traffic for years to come.

Whether you’re in the process of building a new home or want a better, more modernized door, a steel door is the best choice. Browse our selection of products here to see how Metro Steel Windows & Doors can make your home more energy-efficient and unique.

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