Light Up Your (Building’s) Life by Using Steel Doors with Narrow Profiles

Many of us do not have the luxury of being outside during the daytime. As a result, we lose out on some of the benefits that sunlight brings. Designers can regain some of the benefits by bringing in natural light through daylighting – the practice of using windows and other reflective surfaces to let natural sunlight provide internal lighting. When it comes to maximizing natural light, steel doors and windows with narrow profiles are a perfect choice. These doors and windows provide your building with more glass, giving your inhabitants access to more sunlight in their space. Steel doors offer you an option to have light in your entryway, while the steel windows give you the ability to increase the number of panes with little flow interruption due to steel’s inherent strength. What’s more, these doors and windows provide this extra light without any reduction in security.

Choosing doors and windows that increase the amount of natural light has several benefits, including:

Light Up Your (Building's) Life by Using Steel Doors with Narrow Profiles

Saving money by reducing electricity and energy costs

The increase of natural light reduces the dependence on electricity for lighting your space. And at Metro Steel Windows & Doors, we supply windows and doors that have a thermal break, allowing you to maximize the insulation in your home or commercial building without sacrificing the aesthetic of a steel-framed door or window.

Improving mood

Whether you are designing a home or commercial space, increasing your building’s natural light provides a mood boost to all who are bathed in the rays. These improvements can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, as well as improve your mental health.

Keeping your body’s natural circadian rhythms in check

We spend large portions of our lives in artificial lighting, causing our internal clocks can get out of sync. By increasing the amount of natural light, your body will stay in its natural rhythm. This allows you and your inhabitants to be most productive during the daytime and improves the quality of sleep at night.

Making your space feel larger

Great lighting can make even small rooms feel larger. Letting in more light can open up your space and allow you to feel more connected with the outside world.

With all these benefits of natural light, it’s easy to understand the desire to increase our access to it. Our steel doors and windows with narrow profiles will help you satisfy that desire. You don’t even need to worry about sizing. Since we manufacture our products, we can customize the size to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to get started.

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