Fiberglass vs. Steel Entry Door — Exploring the Differences

Both commercial property owners and homeowners want nothing but the best for their homes.  Therefore, choosing between steel and fiberglass for entry doors is always a huge consideration. For starters, exterior doors have to provide protection and insulation while matching your home’s aesthetic.

Unlike in the past, when homeowners had wood as the only alternative for exterior doors, today’s market offers several options. Wood features a classic look but does not compare to steel and fiberglass in terms of energy efficiency, security, and durability. Therefore, determining a suitable entry door option comes down to the question of fiberglass vs. steel.

Fiberglass vs. Steel Entry Door — Exploring the Differences

Available Customization Options

Fiberglass comes in various colors, styles, and grains. Homeowners get to pick from a wide range of options when they want to purchase a stylish but secure entry door. Fiberglass is, therefore, ideal for individuals looking for a particular feel and look because it can be customized and painted.

Steel entry doors, however, cannot be painted to compliment your home’s aesthetics. Equally, steel typically comes in fewer options and styles compared to fiberglass. However, it offers a unique and modern appearance.

Level of Maintenance Required

Both fiberglass and steel entry doors do not feature extensive maintenance practices. However, you will have to perform a few tasks to guarantee long-lasting use. Fiberglass doors need occasional cleaning with a pressure washer and seasonal repainting. However, use the low setting to avoid denting your magnificent fiberglass entry door.

You have to be careful with steel because it rusts when constantly exposed to the elements. Therefore, avoid washing your entry door often to preserve your home’s look. Instead, oil your steel door to keep it in excellent shape.

Purchase Price and Installation Cost

Both steel and fiberglass doors vary in cost depending on several factors — including size, style, and quality. For starters, excellent quality fiberglass will sell anywhere from $750 to $3,000. Subsequent installation costs will range from around $3,250 to 45,000, depending on the contractor.

Steel entry doors go for about $200 to $600 (depending on their thickness). The high-end steel options can cost as much as $1,200. The installation fee usually ranges between $700 and $1,800. Steel entry doors are, therefore, an excellent option when you are on a budget.

Ease of Installation

Hiring a professional to help with fiberglass and steel entry door installation ensures the job is done correctly. However, fiberglass entry doors are easier to install than their steel counterparts because they are pre-hung. Installing them onto the doorway hinges will get you a tight fit without needing any extra work.

With steel entry door installation, you will need wall frames and anchors that match your specific doorway to get a tight fit. In some instances, a professional will recommend using drywall to seal the frame. Luckily, steel is more studier than fiberglass, which reduces the chances of needing multiple installations soon.

Energy-Saving Benefits and Security

Fiberglass entry doors work with the prevailing weather to guarantee more energy efficiency. They contract and expand with changes in temperatures without compromising your home’s internal climate. Equally, fiberglass features a longer lifespan than steel.

What steel entry doors lack in energy-efficiency; they compensate for in protection. Steel doors are more secure than fiberglass because they are relatively thicker. Breaking into a steel door is also harder since it firmly holds the door frame.

Get Best Quality

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