Narrow Profile Steel Doors Make All the Difference

Steel Doors vs. Wood

If you talk to just about any carpenter, they will tell you that the most dreaded project they can tackle is hanging a new wooden door.  There are all sorts of reasons for that.  Wooden doors come in a variety of sizes, but you also need to consider the size of the frame, how the door will hang, its aesthetic quality, and other factors like dimension, weight, and of course profile. Steel doors are different in that they are constructed from a material that can be made to specifications regardless of many of these factors–all without sacrificing strength, durability, or even aesthetic value!  Steel doors can be made to fit any sized door opening, provide protection for exterior and interior door settings, and even fit those areas that are hard to fit, especially in older houses where you have some very non-standard dimensions.

Narrow Profile Steel Doors Make All the Difference



What is a low profile door anyway?  Depending on the materials of the door, you have a profile that the door must be built to in order to accommodate strength and size.  Wood is limited in this regard, since thinner wood isn’t as strong as thicker wood, and dense wood often carries a much higher price tag.  If you have an exterior door, or even an interior door separating sections of property, say for a vacation rental home or a residence that has been apartmented, you won’t have the luxury of using a thicker door in some cases.

Steel is much stronger than wood, inch for inch and pound for pound.  The same door that would take up a considerable profile with just about any kind of wood can be done in a fraction of the space with a steel door.  And considering the cost of wooden doors, it makes sense when it comes to expense as well.  Steel doors can offer security as well as beautify your entranceways with different designs of grille-work, glass, insulation, and many other options you just won’t find with wooden doors.

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