3 Requirements for Good Windows: Sunlight, Insulation, and Support

When it’s time to switch out the windows in your home, choose cutting-edge windows that can improve your home for decades. Instead of heavy wooden frames or traditional window panes, opt for steel windows that give your home modern style and beauty. At the same time, make sure the aesthetic improvement is combined with these 3 Requirements for Good Windows:

3 Requirements for Good Windows: Sunlight, Insulation, and Support

Wide windows with narrow profiles.

The more sunlight you can bring into your home, the better. Make sure your windows open up the room as much as possible by choosing windows with narrow profiles and wide expanses of glass. Not only does this give you a great view, but you also improve the light quality inside your home.

Thermal breaks for better insulation.

Windows are one of the worst sources of insulation value in your home. Compared to brick, siding, and exterior insulation, glass can’t provide the same protection. However, strong design elements can help. Look for steel windows that are built with thermal breaks so the metal can’t conduct as much heat in and out of your home throughout the seasons.

Steel for structural strength.

Large windows need the right elements to give you a seamless view without wide, clunky profiles. Steel can give windows the structural support they need so you have more design options such as wall-to-wall windows or floor-to-ceiling windows. Steel frames can support the weight of double-paned glass and can lock in place to keep insulative gases trapped between the panes. They can also stay strong to lock the panes in place so they don’t shift or leak during strong storms or winter weather.

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