Types of Modern Windows

Homeowners prioritize windows that let in as much light as possible and the ones that add to the architectural style of a building or room. Modern windows should also offer sufficient insulation against heat or cold. The major attraction of modern windows is the minimalist style they offer. They are subtle while also being practical. The list below covers the most common types of modern windows.

Types of Modern Windows

Casement Windows

These are available in vinyl and fiberglass, allowing light to shine through while offering the best airflow. They open outward like a door, letting as much air as possible into the room.

The smaller versions are usually installed in basements, while larger ones are found in walkways.

Sliding Windows

As the name suggests, they are modern windows that slide sideways to allow maximum ventilation. Their integrated tracks allow easy access to fresh air while also maximizing the outside view.

They are ideal for living and bedrooms.

Stationery Windows

Stationery windows are utilized efficiently to light up dark rooms and locations. They are usually large and offer the most extensive outside view.

The only downside, of course, is they don’t have any moving parts; thus, ventilation is limited.

Awning Windows

These modern windows open protruding outward and are good options if the windows are always left open during rainfall. They are usually found in bathrooms and basements.

The only con is they are not ideal for walkways due to the obstruction caused. They are, however, suitable for rooms on higher floors.

Double-Hung Windows

These windows are reasonably priced due to their wide availability. They have large sashes that slide up and down to open and close using vertical spring tracks.

They are, however, not ideal in settings present with kids.

Picture Windows

They offer extensive panoramic views depending on what they are selling outside. They are non-operable but compensate for that limitation by maximizing the view.

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