How Steel Doors Can Help You Capture a Narrow Profile

When you think of your new door, be it custom or something prefabricated off some home improvement store shelf, you tend to think of the standard old wood door that you see on almost every home. These doors, you will find are over several inches thick, and even with windows added, will appear somewhat bulky in design. Not only are these the door designs that everyone else has, but they are never going to be the slim, narrow profile door that you want to create a specific sleek aesthetic.

How Steel Doors Can Help You Capture Narrow Profiles

The reason that traditional doors are made so thick is because they really need to be. Wood is not the most impervious material, but more than just cutting them thick for security, they need to do it for insulation. That front door is made so bulky in order to not lose as much temperature for the home. Yet, you get that same benefit from a steel door without a fraction of the size purely based on its material.

Unlike wood, steel can be made in a narrow profile and in such a compact way while still being just as strong, or stronger, than a wooden door of twice the thickness. As the steel also comes with a thermal break, it doesn’t lose much temperature from your home either.

If you are trying to capture elegance in your front entrance, a steel door of a narrow profile can be a way to do it. You get that more delicate look, but the door definitely has the strength to keep your home safe. If you are interested in steel doors or windows for your home, contact us today to see what Metro Steel Doors & Windows can do to help you look through our selection to find the style that is perfect for your door and window replacements.

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