What to Do When a House Window Breaks

A window may shatter in several different situations. This can happen when a windblown object hits it, a burglar breaks into the house or a large bird strikes the glass. Either way, it’s vital to prevent injury by taking the right actions after a window breaks.

What to Do When a House Window Breaks


Be sure to keep children and pets away from the glass shards. Warn anyone else in the home about the danger. Before you start cleaning the area, put on footwear and gloves that provide adequate protection.


Begin by picking up large pieces and putting them in a disposable container or bag. Consider using a heavy paper bag for this purpose. Thoroughly examine the area to find out if any shards are hidden in furniture, vents or house plants.

Next, use a dust pan and a broom or brush to sweep up smaller pieces. Tape may help you pick up glass fragments. Put the above-mentioned bag inside of another bag before you dispose of it.

Only vacuum your floor or carpet after all visible glass is gone. The remnants of a window pane have the potential to damage vacuum cleaners. If you own one, use a powerful, heavy-duty unit such as a wet-dry vacuum.


Next, you’ll need to cover the broken pane to keep insects, wind and rain at bay. Among other things, you can use cardboard or plywood. An advantage of a tarp or plastic sheet is that it’s waterproof.

Finally, call a window repair professional and schedule a service call. You could just install a new pane, but consider replacing the window if it’s in poor condition, produces drafts, has broken locks or doesn’t slide easily.

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