Three Key Features to Look For When Buying Windows

Window styles and technologies change over time. If it’s time to replace your windows and you’re looking for modern windows that will increase your home’s style and savings.  We have included some features you should keep in mind when buying windows:

Three Key Features to Look For When Buying Windows

What are three features to look for when choosing the style elements of your windows?

  1. Narrow steel profiles: There’s nothing better than a window that gives you an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Window designers and manufacturers have been looking for a way to reduce the appearance of steel edging and support for your windows. With thermally broken steel, which has a thermal barrier to reduce to the conduction of heat energy without all of the bulk and extra material typically associated with good insulation, the steel profiles around windows can be narrower and narrower for a sleek look.
  2. Large windows on multiple walls or across an entire wall: Whether you’re refurbishing a commercial building or you’re thinking of having new windows in your own home, having large expanses of glass is becoming one of the most popular styles due to advanced window-making processes that make windows larger and integrated into the room. This style also allows for more natural lighting.
  3. Energy-efficient windows: With all of the natural light, you might expect an uncomfortable amount of heat throughout the day. However, the thermally broken steel in the narrow profiles reduces the exchange between your home’s cooled air and the warm air outside. Even though you can you hardly see the steel supports, they’re working to keep your home or office green and more efficient.

Good windows do more than look great or keep your home comfortable; they should do both. If you’re interested in choosing new windows with narrow profiles and thermally broken steel, contact us at Metro Steel Windows & Doors here.

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