Sometimes a basic window and curtain pairing just isn’t enough. Some views need more help than others. In this article, we offer a few tips to achieve modern windows in your home.



Every window should tell a story. If yours looks out into a dumpster dive alleyway, you need to re-VIEW the situation, ASAP! A few options to spruce up your modern window situation:

  • A PRIVATE SCREENING: Rather than typical shades or curtains, use something that is a bit more permanent and decorative that hides the bad view and accentuates the good lighting. Anything large and fairly flat can be mounted on sliding door hardware: screens, lattices, painting, etc. You could also try mounting Plexiglas against your window, and then your view will always be through a rose-colored glass…
  • PUT WINDOWS WHERE THEY BELONG: This is insider designer advice, straight from the mouths of the greatest interior experts out there! Sometimes windows can go in unexpected places for an element of surprise, like at foot level or running parallel to a baseboard, so you can gain a new perspective on the phrase “from the ground up.” Other times, a design space may call for a window that is unexpectedly placed from floor-to-ceiling in a skinny sliver of a silhouette, exposing only a hint of blue sky. If you want to achieve this look without any major renovations, just pull the blinds 3 quarters of the way down, or pull a sheer curtain almost all the way closed.
  • FROST THE GLASS: Remember how much fun it was to paint Thanksgiving decorations on the windows with tempera paint when you were a kid? Go back to your childhood roots! Dig up some stencils, and come up with some impromptu geometric patterns of your very own design, like Frank Lloyd Wright did with stained glass design back in the day. The best part? Mistakes made with this medium wash off with just soap and water!

Rules of Arrangement

When possible, allow as much natural lighting and sunshine into a room as possible. The best kind of modern windows highlight the aesthetic of your room, maximize lighting options, and play up the best view possible for your individual space.

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