Maintain the Authenticity of Your Historical Renovation with Steel Doors and Windows

Historical buildings have a signature style deep in their bones. Whether you want to preserve the particular style of the windows that were popular during the 1880’s or are focusing on the structural function of a door in everything from a city hall to an old bank to one of the first houses in a pioneer city, maintaining what the building is and represents is one of our key goals in historical renovation at Metro Steel.

Maintain the Authenticity of Your Historical Renovation with Steel Doors and Windows

How do steel doors and windows keep historical buildings authentic while renovating them with modern technology for proper preservation?

Steel fixtures can be customized with any style, color, or pattern that our customers require. Does your building need to maintain the look of a solid oak door or have a building face with fragile painted glass windows? Steel provides the right structure, integrity, and versatility to make sure that not only is the authenticity of every building maintained, your building is preserved for years and decades to come.

With our Montasthal Swiss thermally broken steel system, in particular, the barrier against wear and tear and environmental degradation is two-fold. Thermally broken steel offers low heat conductivity through an internal barrier that severely minimizes the transfer of heat energy; this means, whether a historical building is along the New England coast or in the heart of the Deep South, the heat stays where it should. This low conductivity barrier also prevents the build-up and transfer of condensation. Historical buildings often face problems with mold and mildew, and our steel door and windows reduce the damage the moisture can cause.

If you’d like to learn more about how we craft steel doors and windows to fit historical renovations, please contact us here. Historic buildings deserve a solid mix of authentic restoration and technological upgrade, and we’re here to build it.

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