3 Ways Steel Doors Make Small Homes Feel Bigger

Renovating small houses can be hard, especially if you want as much space as possible. So start with windows and doors that are made with thermally broken steel doors. With these replacements, you can:

3 Ways Steel Doors Make Small Homes Feel Bigger

1. Open the space with natural lighting.

Traditionally, small homes have few windows and the windows are small. The more natural lighting you can get from the available window space, the better. But windows aren’t the only way to get more sunlight without a lot of reconstruction. Steel doors with narrow profiles can add even more lighting. Even if you don’t want to have your front door look like it’s wide open, consider it for your patio door so your home transitions to the backyard seamlessly.

2. Get rid of drafts and cold spots.

If you have traditional doors and windows, it’s going to cold to be near them. Drafts and poor insulation can make cold seep through your whole home, but you’ll certainly feel it within three feet of the exterior walls.

That’s bad news in small homes. It’s harder to get away from the draft. So get rid of the draft altogether. Thermally broken steel reduces heat transfer and keeps both your heating and your cooling inside the house. That means more of your home stays comfortable all year long.

3. Minimalism cuts down on clutter.

Thermally broken steel doors with narrow profiles have a contemporary style. They can set the tone for your whole house, especially if you’re redesigning it to put it on the market. Once you have the right doors and windows, you can have an easier time finding the furniture and fixtures to match.

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